Iranian Journal of Psychiatry 2017. 12(3):188-193.

Prevalence of risky behaviors and related factors among students of Dezful University of Medical Sciences in 2014
Malihe sohrabivafa, Zaher Khazaei, Mohammad Ali Tosang, Seyedeh Zeynab Molaei Zadeh, salman khazaei, Elham Goodarzi, Alireza alikhani, Zahra Sadat Asadi, Seyedeh Leila Dehghani, Reza Beiranvand


Introduction: Adolescence is a period of evolution that there is the incidence probability of risky behaviors such as drug abuse, risky sexual behavior and compatibility problems. The goal of this study was to investigate the prevalence rate of risky behaviors among students of Dezful University of Medical Sciences in 2014.

Method: This is a descriptive-analytical cross-sectional study, which cluster random sampling were used to selecting subjects. Young's Risk Behaviors Scale (YRBS) was used to evaluate risky behaviors and factors affecting it. The mean, standard deviation, Chi-square tests, t-tests and ANOVA were used to analysis of data.

Results: The study was included 150 (50%) female and 150 (50%) male. The most frequency was the age group of 20-24 years old. There was a statistically significant difference between average scores of risky behaviors among female and male students (p˂0.05). The results of study showed that the prevalence of risky behaviors, high speed in driving and drug consumption is different in various fields of study (p˂0.05).

Conclusion: The prevalence of risky behaviors among students of Dezful University is relatively low, and the prevalence of these behaviors in girls was far less than male students. Risky behaviors were associated with background variables exception of mother's job.



Dezful; Iran; Risky Behavior; drug abuse; risky sexual behavior; Students

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