Iranian Journal of Psychiatry 2017. 12(2):128-133.

The Effect of Spiritual Intelligence Training on Job Satisfaction of Psychiatric Nurses
Abbas Heydari, Ali Meshkinyazd, Parvaneh Soudmand


Objective: Nurses are the most important staff in the health care system, thus, their job satisfaction is important in nursing management. The present study aimed at determining the impact of teaching spiritual intelligence on the job satisfaction of psychiatric nurses.

Methods: The participants were divided into 2 groups by random allocation. Data were collected in 3 stages of before intervention, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks post intervention using Brayfield & Rother Job Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Results:  The results of this study revealed that the mean score of job satisfaction in the experimental group was 65.5±9.9 in the pre intervention stage, which increased to 69.8±6.3 one month after the intervention and to 72.5±8.9 in 2 months after the intervention, and it was significantly more than that of the control group.

Conclusions: The job satisfaction rate of the control group decreased admirably in both 1 month and 2 months after the intervention stage. Thus, spiritual intelligence training is an effective method to increase job satisfaction, and it is suggested that managers consider spiritual intelligence training to increase job satisfaction in nurses.



Spiritual Intelligence; Psychiatric Nurses; Job Satisfaction; Psychiatric Ward

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