Case Report

A Case Report of Vaginal Delivery at Home due to Fear of Covid-19


Introduction: Childbirth can be a normal and nonintervention process, but sometimes the process gets out of normal and requires immediate medical intervention. Thus, home delivery cannot be considered safe without coordination with the treatment staff. Sometimes fear of Covid-19 epidemic prevents mothers to go to the hospital for childbirth and they decide to do it in an unsafe condition, which puts the health of the mother and the neonate at risk.
Presentation Case: Our case was a pregnant woman  with a negative blood group (A-)  who did not come to the hospital because of fear of contracting Covid-19 from the hospital and decided to give birth at home without medical and midwifery support. After giving birth at home, she called the midwife who was taking care of her pregnancy. But she was still afraid to go to the medical center for postpartum care. The midwife informed the mother and her husband that they would be transferred to the midwifery clinic for further care and follow-up, with the necessary counseling and assurance of protective care to control Covid 19 transmission.
Conclusion: Counseling and training of protective methods during pregnancy can reduce the concerns of pregnant women. It is also recommended that pregnant women avoid unnecessary travel, public places, use of public transportation and contact with sick people, and most importantly, observe personal and public health issues. Some pregnant women may experience severe anxiety and depression during epidemics such as Covid 19, which require educational psychological counseling and continuous psychological support to prevent unintended consequences.

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