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Reducing Maternal Stress in Pediatric Hospitalization during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Improving Family-Centered Care with Bedside Telehealth: A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial


Objective: Stress and anxiety in the mother as one of the most important members of the child's health can delay recovery and prolong hospitalization of the child. However, families feel very anxious or stressed because of the limitations imposed by COVID-19; therefore, it is important for physicians and nurses who work with children and families to recognize and reduce family stress. This study aimed to investigate the effect of implementing an educational-supportive program on improving family-centered care with bedside telehealth.

Method: In this clinical trial, 40 parents with hospitalized children were selected and randomly assigned to control and intervention groups. The intervention group received a supportive training program, including teaching parental roles and supportive methods for the child and mother during the illness, while nurse counseling and support role was performed virtually as part of the intervention. After the virtual and visual implementation of the training, the father established online video communication with the child and the mother as the primary caregiver. Data collection tools were a demographic questionnaire and Stress Response Inventory (SRI) completed by the mother before and after seven days of intervention. The control group received routine care.

Results: After the intervention, mothers in the intervention group showed significantly lower levels of stress than before the intervention (P < 0.05). Stress level of mothers in the control group did not demonstrate significant difference before and after the intervention (P > 0.05). Also, a comparison of mothers' stress scores post-intervention showed significant difference between the two groups (P < 0.05).

Conclusion: Planning and maintaining family integrity during the COVID-19 pandemic along with educating and supporting fathers through the supportive role of spouses can reduce stress of mothers with hospitalized children.

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