Verona Service Satisfaction Scale- 32 (VSSS-32): PersianTranslation and Cultural Adaptation


Objective: To translate Verona Service Satisfaction Scale-32 (VSSS-32) to Persian, to adapt it for Iranian culture and to investigate the performance characteristics of the Persian version intended to measure patient satisfaction with psychiatric care.
Method: The VSSS-32 was translated to Persian using an elaborated methodology according to World Health Organization guideline. In addition, understandability and feasibility, of the measure were investigated in 121 patients and 74 relatives.
Results :
Few changes or few adaptations were made to bring about crosscultural comparability. The VSSS-32 questions were generally understandable and acceptable for Iranian patients and relatives. The instrument was feasible to be administered in both participants and interviewers point of view.
Conclusion: The VSSS-32 Persian version appears to be a good crossculturally equivalent of the original English version. Understandability and applicability of the instrument was good.

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